Oospie, I missed one...or two...

Old Loyalty, New Love - Tristan James, Mary Calmes

This is what you find when you wander through your book shelves...books that you failed to rate or review so lets quickly fix that.


I picked up the audio books for this one and the second book after having reviewed the audio book for 34564117  because I really enjoyed the narrator on this one, Tristan James and noticed that he'd also narrated the first two books in this series.


I love listening to Tristan James narrate Mary Calmes books and especially her L'Ange series. Mr. James gives her alpha shifters voices a level of confident arrogance that just works for me and his interpretation of these characters works so well that while this book was only a 3 star read for me the audio book bumped things up to 4 stars.


So if you're curious about my original review...here's the link....Original Review: Old Loyalty, New Love