Well that was a bust...

How We Operate - A.R. Moler

"How We Operate" is my first A.R. Molar book and sadly things didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  But before we get into that let's just give a little nod to the new cover, I have to admit I found it visually appealing...ok, back to the story...


I found myself unconsciously playing that game that I told you all about a while ago. Where my friend and I use to take turns describing different things with one word...and for this one my word was 'BORING'. 


Now I have to admit in a way I was...well, surprised that a book that had as much going on as this one did could possibly be boring. But that's what it was for me. I don't know... maybe, I'm a fan of purple prose or maybe I'm lacking in imagination but I at least need enough that if the MCs are having hot monkey sex...I want to feel like their having 'hot monkey sex'...call me picky but I want to feel like I'm reading a story and not a laundry list of events. 


For whatever the reason this story just didn't work for me but that doesn't mean it's not for everyone. Some of my friends on GR have read this one and they really liked it so maybe it's me, maybe it's not. I guess it all depends on the individual.



A copy of 'How We Operate' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.