A incubus and a vampire walk into a bar...

Three - Nathan Burgoine

No seriously that's how this one starts and the bar is in Ottawa!!!! and the wizard...well, he's already waiting in the bar, lol!!! I'mma goin' back...back to Ottawa...Canada's capital.


'Three' is Nathan Burgoine's short story that takes us back to the beginning of how Luc, Ander and Curtis came to be a triad. There's not a complex plot here or any kind of convoluted story, it is however an enjoyable and fun read. 


I quite enjoyed this short read and introduction to the paranormal world in my nation's capital. I became a huge fan of this series when I read 'Traid Blood' so much so that I went on an internet hunt for this story and was literally bouncing in my chair when I finally found it and with the release of 'Triad Soul' this was for me the perfect warm up for the next book in this series. 


If you liked 'Triad Blood' or you're considering this series 'Three' is a good place to start because after the incubus and the vampire walk into the bar things get interesting...and hot!