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Triad Soul - Nathan Burgoine

If you read my review for 'Triad Blood' than you'll remember that I freakin' loved that book, it was awesome and I pretty much devoured it. Well I'm happy to say 'Triad Soul' book #2 in this series is every bit as good. 


While the first book focused on the Triad that Anders, Curtis and Luc had formed as well as saw them face their first challenge as they battled Renard the Duc of the Ottawa vampires (it's the title they give to the local head vamp) resulting in this position passing on to Luc, even though it wasn't Luc who actually defeated Renard...well not directly our boys are keeping that a secret so that Luc can assume the title of Duc...that's right he's now Duc Luc or Ducky as Anders calls him...I love Anders, he's pretty awesome in my eyes.


Anyways, Anders, Curtis and Luc are working out as a Triad sure they're still finding their way in this new relationship and sometimes Anders and Luc tend to be a little overly protective of Curtis, there's still a definite bond of friendship and trust forming and maybe something a little stronger and all this is great until...yeah, dead bodies start turning up which wouldn't  be as troublesome as it is, if the bodies weren't dying under less than normal circumstances and maybe not quite so grisly would be nice too. 


It's when the heads of the families (the local witche's covens) step in and ask for their help that their investigation really kicks into high gear and as the body count grows the evidence seems to get more and more confusing.


It's going to take everything they've got as a Triad for them to solve this one and a bit of help from some friends and even some who are less than friends.


I loved the mystery in this one it. I was kept guessing right up until the end just about the time I thought I had things all figured out the author would throw me just enough of a curve to get me second guessing things and it wasn't until the very end that things were revealed and while I came close I didn't quite get the it all figured out.


I have to admit part of the charm of this series for me it definitely the setting...see those pretty buildings on the cover...those are the parliament buildings in Ottawa the nations capital and on a personal level it makes me happy to not only read a book that is set in such a beautiful Canadian city but to see a piece of Canada's heritage featured so beautifully on the cover...what can I say 'I'm a dork' about stuff like this.


While the sex and steam is still fairly low key in this story, it's definitely there and it's growing. While Curtis may be all in on this Anders and Luc are a little slower in stepping up but I have faith in this group and I'm more than ready to see what the author has in store for them. 



An ARC of 'Triad Soul' was graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.