I may not like whiskey but I loved 'Whiskey Business'...

Whiskey Business - Avon Gale

'Whiskey Business' is Dreamspinner's first book in their 'States of Love' series and my first Avon Gale book...I need to remedy this soon. Especially since I have some of her titles patiently waiting for me to read.


'Whiskey Business' was a wonderful blend of story, sexy times and humor. As Ryder Waites tries to keep his hometown on the map by selling his families whiskey business to larger interest but retaining the actual production of it in his hometown and getting them on the Borbon Trail. Ryder's feeling pretty good about things until the buyer sends a representative to town to assess his manufacturing plant...things go from bad to worse when Adam Keller arrives not only is he serious about his job but one look at him tells Ryder this man is gay and seriously hot...like 'I want you hot'. 


I loved the banter between these two and the word play so much fun and at the heart of it was 'Gallow's Grove' a town that is notoriously playing on it's name with businesses using macabre-themed names like 'Hanged Man Whiskey', the Last Meal Diner, the Ever After Funeral Home or The Perfect Grime...it's the local laundromat. So many fun names. I was so entertained by this...loved it and then there was the whole UK sports fanaticism...I got that truly I did I live a place that calls itself 'The Rider Nation' after it's local football team and it's in Canada...hockey anyone?


Add in to this the fact that I just really liked Ryder and Adam together. They worked. They had fun together but they also had disagreements, they spent time getting to know one another. This story so pushed all my buttons and it was just what I needed. No big complicated plots or schemes. Just a fun, sexy story about two men doing what they needed to and falling in love along the way. 


'Whiskey Business' was my first audio book narrated by Kirt Graves and happily it was a good experience. I liked the voices, they ticked that basic checklist of mine and while I actually went into this with no real preconceived notions about how the characters would sound the voices that were used worked. The narrators voices for both Ryder and Adam seamlessly lined up with the voices that I felt would be theirs as the story progressed. 


'Whiskey Business' was a wonderful introduction for Dreamspinner's 'States of Love' series as well as a new author and narrator for me...it all went down like an nice smooth Kentucky bourbon. 



An audiobook of 'Whiskey Business' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.