Take one adorable geek accountant add in one douchebag boyfriend...

Power Bottom? - Rowan McAllister

and you get one crappy relationship...but on the upside...it didn't last long.


Adrian's a nice guy. He's got a good job, he's responsible, dependable, faithful and he just wants a relationship with someone he can love and spend time with and who maybe feels the same about him...sadly...he got Martin.


Martin is a jerk, he's a user and a player. He's every decent person's nightmare. Ok, in case you're wondering. I didn't like Martin...not even a little bit. Seriously in what world do you tell someone they're a good boyfriend but they're boring, cheap and lousy in bed? Really, WTF! and then he has the nerve to act like he was doing Adrian a favor because he hadn't cheated on him yet? Apparently bj's don't count as cheating...in Martin's world. Thankfully Adrian kicked his sorry backside to the curb and that was basically the end of Martin. Now we get to move on to the good part...


Adrian and Wyatt. Wyatt's hot, seriously magazine cover hot and if he had a boyfriend like Adrian there's no way he'd let them walk into a leather bar by themselves...how do we know this well, Wyatt told Adrian that when he went into said leather bar to use the phone to call for a tow truck when his car broke down. Of course Wyatt told Adrian this right after he tried to pick Adrian up at said leather bar and Adrian politely turned him down because 'he has a boyfriend.' Please, Adrian that wasn't a boyfriend that was an Albatross and thank heavens you got rid of him. Now off you go back to that bar in search of Wyatt...that's a good boy.


And that is how things started between Adrian and Wyatt. One simple comment between strangers and a few weeks later those strangers are meeting in a hotel room and yes there's sex...hot, steamy, sex but there's also talking and getting to know one another...until there isn't. Wyatt has things in his past that he's not willing to share and unfortunately he begins to thing that his past is still chasing him and he needs to move on to keep the people he cares about from getting hurt. Sadly Adrian's life is starting to go sideways as well and pretty soon no one really knows who's after who, but Wyatt starts to realize that he's not ready to walk away from the first person he's found in years that he wants to be with, who seems to care about him as much as he cares about them.


Wyatt and Adrian's relationship plays out against a background of mystery and mobsters, FBI agents and embezzlement and a lot of general confusion about who's really after who. 


I loved Wyatt and Adrian together. Wyatt was kind and good hearted. Everything that Adrian deserved and Adrian well he was the same. He was everything that Wyatt deserved and if the local FBI could just get their act together these two men might live long enough to do the same as soon as they face up to the fact that what started out as a weekend fling is turning into feelings that lasted all week long.


While I enjoyed this story from start to finish especially the romance and I'm normally a fan of good strong mysteries. However, in this case I was totally good with the mystery part of this story really just being a back drop to Wyatt and Adrian's romance. What I really, really loved was the ending. It was all that and a bag of potato chips...so there take that Martin.


Nick J. Russo was the narrator for this audio book and I'm not sure what more I can say about him but as always he delivered. I love listening to audio books narrated by Mr. Russo and honestly I don't even bother listening to the the sample I know I'm going to enjoy it if he's the narrator. Now I just check and make sure that I'm going to like the author's story and in the case of 'Power Bottom' it was already on my TBR list, so this was a done deal in my world. 



An audiobook of 'Power Bottom' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.