Surprise! We had a buddy read for this one...

Call the Coroner - Avril Ashton

A long time ago when the author first announced this book Ele and I said..."Whoa! We need to read this together." and the lovely Christelle waved her hand and said 'me too' and we said 'of course' than the devil in us all said..."Josy needs to join us." Josy being sweet and trusting said 'Ok, if you think I should.' and we all smiled and said "Of course you should." and than Simone said "I shall stalk you." to which we all replied "AWESOME" or something like that. But however, it went I am so, so glad these awesome ladies joined me for this...uuummm...eeerrr...weeellll...rather interesting adventure.


Now I have to admit you're going to get the lazy version on this one. I feel like I've done little more than write reviews this week which also means I must have read and/or listened to a few books/audiobooks or what the hell would I be reviewing, right?  Ok, here goes.


Basically 'Call the Coroner' is about two guys who well...for want of a better description are 'kinda twisted'. There's Daniel Nieto who wants Stavros Constantinople dead and then there's Stavros...and Stavros is...well he's just a little wrong in the head. Trust me what Stavros calls 'foreplay most people call torture.' and somehow together these two men are 'hot' incredibly, hella, hella hot!!! I mean folks we went from 'I'm having a cold shower' to 'do you think I can get an iceburg expressed to my house?' that's some hot right there. On top of all this there was Syren and if you've read any of the series that lead up to this book you know who Syren Rua is and can I just say 'manties' in case anyone needs a memory jog.


Ok so lots of hotness and Syren is good...oh, come on now we're talking Daniel and know all hell's going to break loose and it does. 


Bottom line I loved this book and if you've read it and loved it than you know there's a place for all of us. We've got rooms reserved with lovely white jackets...the arms are a little long and walls feel a bit rubbery but if you bring you're e-reader we can have some awesome buddy reads. Now seriously folks this one was it's nothing I ever want to encounter or see happen in real life. It's fiction and sometimes reading those stories that allow us to take a walk down a darker path with characters who have the strength and maybe that little touch of cray, cray that enables them to endure and survive what happens is just the break we need from everyday life. 


Whatever the reason I unapologetically, 100% enjoyed this one. So thank you beautiful ladies for sharing this dark and slightly warped adventure with me and a momento of our time together...sometimes we come up with songs because of a certain scene in the book or a character, the reasons aren't always the same but for this one here are the songs...

This is for Daniel and Stavros if you've read the book, then probably no explanation is needed...

Mama by MCR


This one felt like it suited the dynamics of the rather unusual triangle that is Stavros, Daniel & Petra...

Ghost of You by MCR


and this one is for Daniel and Stavros...

Bring Me to Life by Evanescence


this last song is for Stavros and I thought of it because of a conversation that he had with Daniel it was at the 83% mark for me, if you want to wait until you've read past that point so that this will really make sense.

One More Day by Diamond Rio


Ok that's if for me for now. I loved 'Call the Coroner' and my take on it is that it's probably going to be a love it or hate it type of book. Honestly I'll be surprised if there's a lot of middle ground on this one. But that's often how it goes with books that reach to extremes and I think this is one of those books.