Proof that the voice can either make it or break it...

Teach Me - K.C. Wells

'Teach Me' is the first book in K. C. Wells 'Lightening Tales' and at 2 hours & 26 minutes on audio and 73 pages for the e-book it's a fairly quick listen/read no matter how you do it.  


I hesitated on this one because I'm really, really not a fan of romance stories where there's a power imbalance before things even start and in this case it's a teacher/student dynamic but there were a couple of things that saved this one for me. The first one being that there was nothing between this couple during the time that they were in fact teacher and student and the age gap was definitely within my 10 - 15 year comfort zone. Nick may  have been Alex's first crush but as a young man and a student he was never bold enough to act on his feeling.


I loved that the relationship between these two started off slow. Nick comes across Alex as he's leaving town after coming out to his parents, who were less than accepting of his news leaving Alex with the realization that if he's ever going to truly be himself it wouldn't happen living in his parents house. Nick offers Alex a place to stay where he'll be safe and able to get his feet under him.


For Nick it's a chance to have someone around...someone who becomes not only company that he enjoys but a friend. It's during this time that both men begin to realize that their feelings go beyond the boundaries of friendship. I loved how supportive and helpful Nick tried to be but never felt that he was trying to be controlling and Alex while appreciative of Nick's help was never made to feel obligated and we got to see him as Nick's equal in the friendship and comfort that he brought to Nick as he worked through emotional issues from his past.


'Teach Me' was a solid 4 star story for me...unfortunately what fell short was the audio portion. Rob Drex was the narrator on this one and he's a new to me narrator and unfortunately one that just didn't work for me. For the most part the voices just didn't feel right to me and sometimes characters went from sounding like an overly excited 12 year old to an over the top drama queen all in the course of a few sentences. But I have to admit what really did me in was the sex scenes it's been a while since I listened to an audio book where the sex scenes which I'm fairly certain should have been 'hot 'n steamy' had my inner 12 year old coming out for a good giggle fest.


Narrators are such a personal issue in my viewpoint and I know from checking out reviews on that some listeners really enjoyed this one. So while this audio book didn't work for me on the audio level. The story was really good and I very much enjoyed it, 4 stars for the story and 2 for the audio and we'll call it day with an overall rating of 3.