Second verse...same as the first...

Trust Me - K.C. Wells

only with a different narrator.


'Trust Me' is the second book in K. C. Wells 'Lightening Tales' and while it was probably more of a 3.75 stars which I would have rounded up to 4. I enjoyed the story part of things. 

Connor and Ric were best friends and as they got older they drifted apart. Years later they're brought back at a friends wedding and while somethings have changed their mutual attraction to each other has not.


Once again at 2 hrs 26 min or 89 pages, 'Trust Me' is a short but sweet and well told story of second chances as Connor and Ric find their way back together amidst the turmoil of a broken engagement...Connor's, broken promises and abandoned vows...Ric's. Throughout the story we are treated to glimpses of Alex and Connor. 


While 'Trust Me' is a short story it's also complete. We are left with two friends who have found their way back to each other as lovers and have their feet firmly planted on the road leading to an HEA. 'Trust Me' was again a new to me narrator named Robbie D who surprisingly produced voices very much like the ones in the first book so my inner 12 year old came out to have another gigglefest over what should have been hot and sexy love scenes but instead became overly excited 12 year old and drama queens.


So for me this one was also a 4 star story with 2 star audio and just like the first book there are more reviews on and you should read them and listen to the audio sample as well before deciding whether this one is for you or not.