Age doesn't always bring wisdom with it...

Imperfect Harmony - Jay Northcote

"Imperfect Harmony" is a wonderful second chance story about to men who for all intents and purposes on paper shouldn't work but they do...sometimes opposites do attract. 


John is 19 years older than Rhys. He's already lost too much and keeps the world at a distance trying to keep the hurt away. But the world has a way of only letting a person have so much distance and when John's neighbor finally lures him into choir practice one day the world presents him with Rhys, he's young, he's got blue hair and tattoos and he can an angel. Sometimes the world fights is John's weakness and little by little as he finds himself returning to choir practice with his neighbor he begins to realize how much he's missed having music in his life. 


It's their shared love of music that slowly draws these two men together. But it's the growing attraction that keeps them both wanting more than just choir practice time with each other. This could have been an over the top angst fest but instead it was sweet story about two men each dealing with their own grief while helping the other through theirs. 


The interaction between these two men was good, it was fun and sexy with serious moments and glimpses into their past and made even better with the addition of seeing John and Rhys interact with the other people in their lives as well...John with his neighbor, co-workers and other choir members and Rhys with his family, members in his choir group and the seniors at the retirement home where he goes every week to lead the residents in a sing-along. An event that he ultimately convinces John to join him in. 


It's all these little interactions that come together to create a picture of two men who are each kind and caring in their own ways, giving of themselves to the people around them and freely sharing kindness and making lives a little brighter but never realizing that they deserve to be happy too.  


Sometimes the road back from grieving can seem like it's all uphill until the right person takes your hand and starts to walk with you. 


I love a good second-chance story and "Imperfect Harmony" was a wonderful second chance story and it was only further enhanced in the audio book through the excellent narration provided by Mark Steadman. The 'basics list' was easily checked off and the voices fit readily into my perceptions of how these characters would sound adding a further dimension to the story and allowing me to enjoy things all the more. 


Whether it's an e-book or an audio book a good story is a good story and this good story is worth enjoying no matter what format you choose.



An audiobook of "Imperfect Harmony" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.