Anything can work, if it's done right...

Making Nice - Elizah J. Davis, Michael Ferraiuolo

I'm not really a big fan of the 'miscommunication trope'. In fact it's probably one of my least favorite but as with many things in life 'never say never'. I actually bought the e-book for this one quite a while ago and as often happens in my life I squirreled off to other things and never got around to reading it. So there I was one day window shopping on and what did I see 'Making Nice' and it was narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo...whom I happen to like...a lot! So that became a done deal...happy birthday to me (it was part of my birthday haul courtesy of my awesome hubby). 


My only real disappointment with this story was that for some reason I really expected the story to be a bit more humorous and I have to admit I really think that one's on me, however, I ended up liking the story so much that it really became irrelevant what my inaccurate pre-conceived ideas were...maybe, it came from the underwear hanging on the bedpost? Who knows and while the story wasn't as humorous as I was anticipating it had some humorous moments and it was good...really good.


While miscommunication is definitely the main reason that Blake and Ryan have such a hard time getting their acts together. What made the difference in this story were the reasons why the miscommunication was happening. It wasn't that these two weren't talking or at least trying. It was 


There's this expression that goes 'past performance predicts future behavior' it's a business thing and while there is a certain amount of accuracy to it, like many things it's a guideline and not the gospel. Unfortunately Blake seems to live by this expression and it really skews how he perceives a lot of things in his life...well this and the fact that he's got a boyfriend in his past who really messed him up.


Ryan's got his life together...well, his professional life. His personal life is a bit of a train wreck. Personally he's an advocate of the quick hook-up, friends with benefits or one night stands. He pretty much doesn't do commitment or relationships. 


So it's inevitable that when Ryan meets Blake and his heart jumps for joy, poor Ryan's mouth is going to disconnect from his brain and Blake isn't going to cut him any slack. Now none of this would be any real problem if Ryan's best friend Matt wasn't head over heels in love with Blake's twin sister, Bianca.  


The dance that Ryan and Blake do as they try to show each other how right they would be together without being the first one to truly admit how they feel is definitely an interesting and frequently humorous comedy of errors. Despite all the miscommunication between two the one place where they seem to communicate without misunderstanding is in the bedroom...smexy times boys and girls, smexy times were had by all.


I'm not certain that I would have enjoyed this one quite as much if I'd just read the e-book because Michael Ferraiuolo was the narrator on this one and I'm partial to him and the voices that he gave to Blake & Ryan and the rest of the characters  just nailed it for me.


I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from this author and if there's audio book narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo...well, that sounds like it could be a win too.