No surprises here...

A Day Makes - Mary Calmes

It was an audio book written by Mary Calmes and narrated by Greg no surprises at all I wanted it and it was awesome.


I read this book when it was released back in April of this year and I loved it...5 stars worth, that hasn't changed and has become my habit I'm not going to waste time re-writing what I've already written, so here's the link to my original review...

Original Review: A Day Makes by Mary Calmes


The only change here is the addition of Greg Tremblay's voice as the narrator and as seems to have become the norm, Mr. Tremblay nailed it.


I'm pretty sure that Greg Tremblay could read the phone book and make it sound amazingly interesting. His voices are smooth, effortless and natural. They're unique and express emotion drawing the listener into the story...getting and holding their interest.


I have no doubt that he works hard at his craft and the end result from Mr. Tremblay's efforts is an incredibly enjoyable audio book that I as a listener can listen to and enjoy not just once but numerous times.



An audio book of 'A Day Makes' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.