Sometimes the choice between doing what we want to and doing what we have to...

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Sometimes the choice between doing what we want to and doing what we have to...


is all a matter of perspective. 


For Dominic there's never been a choice. It's always been about survival and truthfully it's all well and good to say 'there's always a choice' and in a way that's true but for someone like Dominic the choices are different and far fewer than from someone like me sitting safe and secure in my snug little life of privilege.


Dominic's choices are survival or not? Get on his knees and earn $20 to buy food, allow himself to be humiliated and debased so he can get that extra $75 which will get him to his daughter that much sooner and for Dominic that's the end get back to his precious baby girl, to be able to take care of her, to bring some love back into her life because Dominic's no fool and he knows that his aunt maybe family but she's not what he wants for his precious Thea. So he does what he has to.


The one thing I do know is Dominic was someone I could relate to. I'm a parent and I totally relate to the strength of love and conviction that tells me 'if it's for my child, I will do it'. It's the same passionate fire that burns in most parents or at least the ones who deserve to be parents.


Adrian is someone that this world needs more of. He's was just a truly genuine kind and good person. He gave of himself without ulterior motives or regard for 'what was in it for him'. He worked to make his community a better place just because he could and he was also an incredibly sexy, geeky, teacher...I'd find that hot too if I was a heartbeat.


'Homeless' is the first book in Cara Dee's series Camassia Cove but it's not the first book I've read it this series...that honor goes to 'When Forever Ended' and I loved it 5 stars all the way and I did say when I reviewed it that I was dying to go back and read the first book…well, I finally did it. I got back to that first book and it was heartbreakingly wonderful.


Dominic’s life broke my heart. He’s 24 and the things he’s seen and had to do no one should be subjected to but so much of what he does is for his daughter, he sweet little Thea. So really how can you not love him. More than anyone else he deserved an Adrian in his life. Adrian saw Dominic…truly saw him. His strength, his goodness, how wonderful he was and how much more he could be. He believed in Dominic in ways that no one else ever had.


My only issue with this one is that I didn’t read it sooner and that’s definitely on me. That it was such an incredibly wonderful and worthwhile story waiting for me…well that’s on Cara Dee.