I'm on vacation so honestly I'm keeping this short & sweet...

All Kinds of Tied Down - Tristan James Mabry, Mary Calmes

It's Mary Calmes it's narrated by one of two people who I absolutely adore hearing read a Mary Calmes book and that's Tristan James. I've recently listened to a few Mary Calmes stories that were narrated by someone other than Tristan James or Greg Tremblay and don't get me wrong they were ok. But, when it comes to Ms Calmes books no one does a better job than of it for me than either Tristan James or Greg Tremblay.


The Marshals are my favorite Mary Calmes series...sorry, Sam, Jory...you are a close second but Miro and Ian just work for me. So I started with a 5 star read and added a favorite narrator and came up with a 5 star audio book that left me very happy and already plotting when I'll listen to this one again. That's it what more can I say. I loved it and I think we're done here now. Have a good summer everyone and I'm back to my vacation.