If I liked reading this one...

Cleansing Flame - Andrew  Grey

If I liked reading this one...


the audio book totally made me love this one.


I liked this book a lot back in March when I read it so I think it goes without saying that when a chance to listen to the audio book presented itself I was all over that and if anything I'm liking it a whole lot more, so there's no read change where my original review of 'Cleansing Flame' is concerned. So I'm just going to add a link to my original review because there's really no point to fixing what isn't broken...

Original Review: Cleansing Flame


Michael Pauley is the narrator for this book and while he definitely ticked off all the points on my 'basic audio checklist' I'm at a bit of a loss as to the exact reasons why but his narration for 'Cleansing Flame' not only ticked that list but hit a few bells and whistles along the way as well because while the e-book easily got 4 stars from me the audio book bumped things up to 5 stars. Even though I've already read the book for me the audio experience was like discovering this story for the first time all over again.


'Cleansing Flame' is a sweet low angst story of second chances, starting over, finding love but most of all it was about perspectives. Whether the glass is half empty or half full. 'Cleansing Flame' is a lovely reminder that it the glass is only half empty it's because the other half is full.




An audio book of 'Cleansing Flame' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.