Jin and Logan...take 2...

Trusted Bond - Mary Calmes

Ok, sooo...'Trusted Bond' is the second book in the 'Change of Heart' series and overall I enjoyed both the story and the narration better than the first book. 


Basically this one continues to explore Jin and Logan's relationship as it changes and we see each man/shifter trying to make sense of what's happening and become the partner that the other man/shifter needs. 


Again I read this one several years ago when it was released in e-book format and while this audiobook was narrated by Jeff Gelder and I definitely enjoyed the narration provided by Mr. Gelder. My original rating of 4 stars remains unchanged.


Sorry, moving time constraints still have my life in their control. Truthfully my recommendation on this series so far...read the books the audio books really don't enhance the experience at all.