More werepanthers = more Jin & Logan!!!

Honored Vow  - Jeff Gelder, Mary Calmes

'Honored Vow' is the third book in the series 'Change of Heart' only this time it's not so much hearts that are changing as it is Jin...he's becoming way more than you're everyday, ordinary werepanther and while Logan loves him as much as ever. It's the rest of the world giving Jin the side-eye that they need to worry about. Things are changing not just for the Church household but for Logan's tribe as well. 


This one's got action, adventure and some very sexy times. Once again Jeff Gelder does a solid job of narrating the audio book and my original rating of 4 stars remains unchanged. Overall both the story and the audio were enjoyable. 


Sorry but you know moving time constraints and all. I'm out of time. Still if you like shifters, romance and Mary Calmes...check it out.