And still more...nope, this one's not Jin &'s...

Crucible of Fate: Change of Heart Book 4 - Mary Calmes, Sean Crisden, Dreamspinner Press LLC

Domin and Koren...nope, close but no cigar...Koren screwed it up again. This time it's Domin and Yuri and for as much as I have come to love Jin and Logan...a story of Domin and Yuri is just what the doctor ordered.


I really loved this one. it was nice to get a story that gave a different perspective to the werepanther world and the aftermath of events that occurred in the previous book 'Honored Vow' and yet still included a bit of Jin and Logan as well. 


Sean Crisden was once again the narrator for this one and thankfully Crane lost of bit of his Fozzie Bear sounding voice so I definitely enjoyed things more. I love that Domin ended up with Yuri and not Koren. 


Yuri proved to be the mate that Domin needed he's strong and supportive and his love for Domin is solid giving Domin the foundation he needs to become the amazing leader that his friend Logan believes him to be. 


This one was just full of awesome and win for me. Definitely a favorite in this series.