What would you do if your best friend accidentally learned...

Lace - K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell

your most closely guarded secret...


and what would you do if you were that friend and what if you were in love with each other. 


Ok so first thing you'd maybe do is freak out...even just a teeny, tiny bit or at least I would but for Shawn and Dave there's a little more to it.


Dave's straight or at least he is until he confesses to Shawn that he's bi. Shawn's gay and Dave's known this for years. What Dave doesn't know is what Shawn keeps hidden in his dresser...it's all about the lace for Shawn (no secret there...have you looked at the cover? just sayin'). 


This should all be easy for these two, right? I mean they're already best mates, they know each other's deepest secrets or at least they do now. Shawn's been in love with Dave for years, he just never knew that he had a chance and Dave's felt the same way about Shawn for quite a while as well. So what could possibly go wrong? 

Well for one thing Shawn could do what most people do when the wish that they want most in the world is about to come true...he could become insecure and panic leading to misunderstandings and miscommunications and Dave could maybe go a little bit overboard in his efforts to show Shawn that he cares and he doesn't have a problem with how Shawn looks in lace or out of it for that matter.


I liked that this was a best friends to lovers story they're a personal favorite of mine and I admit it I like the manties and honestly male or female I truly defy anyone to put on a pair of lacy, sexy, silky panties and YES! go for the freakin' expensive ones and tell me, you don't feel sexy wearing them. You could be wearing ratty jeans and a ten year old tee shirt but guaranteed you put on that sexy expensive bra and panty set underneath and how can you not feel sexy? Truly and honestly you can't especially if that special someone knows what you have on, it's like a personal invitation to them only. So how could this story not be hot! Believe me it was at times it was hella' hot. 


Unfortunately at times it was also frustrating. Sure Shawn and Dave are guys and we all know guys don't want to do the emotional talks, yadda, yadda, yadda. I get it truly I do but sometimes if you want someone you just gotta' suck it up buttercup and have the talk. These two needed to talk...to each other! Dave, I'mma lookin' at you here my friend...they seriously need to talk and Shawn needed to get the hell out of his head...heaven knows I wanted out. At times Shawn was his own worst enemy, he spent way more time than he needed to stressing over why Dave was suddenly interested in him. Maybe he needed to consider that rather than Dave being interested in him because of what he found in Shawn's underwear drawer that what he found was his excuse to finally express that interest...see, how easy that one was? Even without the talk sometimes things just need to be looked at from a different perspective. 


'Lace' is the first book in K. C. Wells 'A Material World' series and it was a cute, sweet friends to lovers romp with a bit of kink thrown in and while it wasn't over the moon fantastic for me. I did enjoy it and it left me looking forward to the next book in this series 'Satin'..." 'cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl..." sorry, I just had to get that out there the song has been rattling around in my brain since I saw the series title...hopefully now it'll go away.