How a series ends is...

The Long and Winding Road - T.J. Klune

every bit as important as how it started but then so is everything in the middle...


I have such mixed feelings about this one. I loved the chance to spend more time in this world with Otter, Bear, the Kid and all the wonderful people in their lives. But that this was the end of their story...well, how could that not make me a little sad.


While I was a little late to the party with this series. It was August of 2011 when 'Bear, Otter and the Kid' was first published and somehow I managed to wait until 2015 to read the first 3 books...and yes, I did binge read them and what I do know for sure is that whatever instinct told me that I finally needed to read these books was a good one and I need to listen to it more often. 


Life's tapestry is made of so many different threads...hellos, good-byes, births, deaths, meeting new friends, losing old ones, leaving home, going home and so many other moments that shape us taking us on a journey that helps us to define who we are. This is the journey that we've traveled with Bear, Otter and the Kid. 


It's an incredibly emotional journey. One covering everything from happiness and love to anger and grief with so much more in between and it's here in 'The Long and Winding Road' that we get to revisit the past with Bear as he faces some of the biggest changes yet to happen in his life and Bear's not the only one affected by these changes. While some of these changes affect Bear directly some do so indirectly because they're changes that are coming for the people that Bear loves...for the kid, for Otter, for Creed, for Izzie the sister that Bear's never met and at the heart of it all, Bear knows as long as they're together...Bear, Otter, the Kid and the amazing family they've gathered they will weather the changes and come out of things whole and stronger.



I think most of us can agree that how a series starts is important...that first book can decide if it's going to be a success, if the reader will want to read the next book, what kind of series it's going to be. So much can be decided from that first impression. But like the first book, the last book is also important. It can leave us frustrated, disappointed, feeling like we want more or less or it can leave us feeling happy and satisfied that we took the journey, even though we aren't really ready for the journey to end. If it's done right we're still left feeling that the journey is complete and content that we took the trip and while in my heart I wasn't ready for this to be over, I am very content that I took this journey, so much so that I know I'll be taking this journey again some day.


I did my music thing with this book and of course for anyone familiar with the Beatles you guessed right if you assumed that one of the first songs I listened to was 'The Long and Winding Road' and in many ways it's so fitting for this story and the title fits so wonderfully with the story, but for me the song that really connected with this story was a different another song by the Beatles it's called 'In My Life' either song is a beautiful and fitting background to this beautiful conclusion to a series that will always have a special place on my 'Favorite Series' list.



An ARC of 'The Long and Winding Road' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.