's such an interesting word...

Can't Hide from Me - Cordelia Kingsbridge

 Perspective...a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Charles and Angel are having a relationship and suddenly it ends and Angel immediately takes an extremely dangerous undercover assignment lasting nearly 2 years...did Angel go undercover because the relationship ended or did he end the relationship because he as going undercover? Charles knows what it looks like from his perspective. But then so does Angel...who's right?


It's two years later when Charles and his team are sent in to extract an undercover agent...he comes face to face with a past that he hasn't fully dealt with and discovers that the agent they were sent to extract is none other than Angel Medina. Their's was to say the least a tumultuous relationship and mistakes were made on both sides ending leaving both men angry and frustrated with each other. Question is will either of them get the answers they want and's been two long years and Angel's definitely not the same man he use to be...chances are neither is Charles.


"Can't Hide From Me" is by no means a romance novel there is definitely a strong relationship thread in the storyline, but there's also a whole lot of other stuff happening as well. 


Ok so here's my quandry...'Can't Hide From Me' is not a simple book to explain, mostly because I don't want to go into anything that might spoil it for others. Yes, it's a book with a strong romance to it  but it's not a romance. There's mystery, suspense, it's a bit of a thriller and seriously if you listen to the audio book, well then, there's a few hours of pure listening pleasure courtesy of Nick J. Russo and yes, I'm biased. After listening to 17 audio books by this narrator and never once being disappointed I think it's allowed. I only have 3 that I haven't listened to so far...I need to go shopping, right? Anyways, do I honestly need to say more...Nick J. Russo does an awesome job narrating...yet again! Now back to the book...


"Can't Hide From Me" is a fast paced story with some interesting dynamics going on and you see the thing about perspectives is they're based on the individual and their experiences, the knowledge they have and how they apply it. So it's kind of a case of potato and po-tah-to here because who Charlie is and what he knows and how he uses that knowledge isn't the same as it will be for Angel or anyone else on their team and truth be told in this one it's going to take a little bit of what everyone is and knows to solve things but at the end of it all it's going to come down to Charlie and Angel sharing who they are and what they know if they want more than a past together. 


There's a lot to this one and in all honesty I think if I could change anything it's probably that I would have read this one with a friend so that I could have shared all these rampant thoughts that I have rumbling around in my brain about this book.


Thoughts like...If someone makes a living doing bad things but then goes home and he's a good and loving father and husband who loves and cherishes his family and treats them right. Does that make him a bad person who does good things or a good person who does bad things? While doing something good on Monday doesn't negate the crime you committed on Tuesday...why should what you did on Tuesday wipe out the good that you did on Monday...and this debate can go on and on. These were the kinds of questions running through my brain while I listened to this book. Not that I'm saying that it's ok to kill someone on Tuesday if you ran into a burning building on Monday to save someone else...don't get me wrong murder is murder and we are all accountable for our this is getting complicated and way to philosophical so, I'm just going to stop now and wrap this up by saying...


"Can't Hide From Me" is a complex book and if you leave your mind open to it you'll realize that for ever aspect of this story there's more than just one perspective to view it from...I know I did and while I've said it before I'll say it again, I like a book that makes me think, makes me step outside the box and examine my values and what I think and believe is right for me. 



An audio book of "Can't Hide From Me" was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.