I was feeling a little out of sorts for a couple days so...

Acrobat - Mary Calmes

I decided I needed some comfort food...translate stories. Needless to say  I went to my go stories and it became 'Mary Calmes' time. 


I've read 'Acrobat' and a while ago I decided I wanted the audio book so it's been sitting patiently waiting for me. Well, it's patience as rewarded when I went scrolling through my list of books and my brain lite-up an said "Yes, this is exactly what I need."


So my original review was 5 stars and nothings changed on that, however, I did read this one back before I started writing reviews and so I apologize because other than to say that I loved it the first time and I truly loved listening to the audio book. Sean Crisden did an awesome job with the narration and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. So much so that I have zero doubt that this will be listened to again and again and yes, very probably again...I think you get my point.


At the end of it all...it's Mary Calmes and if you love her books as much as I do and haven't at least read this one? Seriously, what are you waiting for...you need to get on this one ASAP!  Happy reading? Listening? Whichever, enjoy, a good story is a good story no matter how you choose to enjoy it.