Things are looking up...

For A Rainy Afternoon - RJ Scott, Ian Gordon

While 'Tales from the Curious Cookbook' is a series there really doesn't seem to be an order to how the stories are read. The connection from story to story is the cookbook but other than that the order is really flexible which is a good thing for me since I've just been clicking play on whatever title is next on the list.


'For a Rainy Afternoon' is R.J. Scott's contribution to this series and as with pretty much anything R.J. Scott, I very much enjoyed this one and I was treated to a new narrator. Ian Gordon was the narrator for this one and while I'm normally a sucker for a good British accent and there was definitely one or two of those. It was the voice of Jason Young the American that totally enchanted me and like Robbie MacIntyre I was more than happy just to sit back and listen to Jason talk. 


good story + good narration = WIN!