You gotta' read this...

Leo Loves Aries - Anyta Sunday

I've been wanting to read this one for a while now and it may have taken me some time to get to it but damn was it worth the wait. 


Reading this book was like being given a great big bag of my favorite candy. So sweet but just so damned good there was no way I could stop. 


I love Theo and Jamie was just freakin' adorable and together they were total awesome and fun. I could go on and on but really there are already some wonderful reviews out there so if you want to read more seriously go check them out and if it's telling you what a awesome story this is and that you should read it can safely assume that I agree.  Ok, so now I'm off to do a quick review for 'Leo Tops Aries' and then finish reading 'Scorpio Hates Virgo' and then there are so many other books and audio's to get much to read/listen to and so little time.


So you see my dilemma I've just got to much to do to be reinventing the wheel when it's already there and I said there are already a lot of really good reviews out there for you can read or you can just take a leap of faith and read the book.