Still as good as the first time...

Olive Juice - T.J. Klune

When I first read TJ Klune's book 'Olive Juice' this was my review...


How TJ Klune broke me in less than 100 pages...

So this is going to be a short review because I am definitely keeping it spoiler free. 'Olive Juice' starts off on a heartbreaking but definitely an elusive note. It's only as the reader continues to read that the reason for the heartache becomes revealed.

As my friend and fellow reviewer, Todd said:

"Mostly, this story was about when "THE MOST TERRIBLE THING IMAGINABLE" happens."

"Olive Juice" is a story filled with the heartache and despair of two men as they struggle to survive and get past having their world torn find a way past it, living with the aftermath and reshaping their lives to find a way back to each other.

There really is no happiness and light with this one but I can't imagine not reading it. The writing, in true TJ fashion, is both gripping and compelling and while I definitely felt emotionally wrung out at the end I was also left with the tiniest spark of hope that said 'It's ok, they'll be ok." and maybe that's not the HEA that we all love so much but sometimes the HEA that life gives us isn't tied up with a bow or covered in rainbows and sprinkles... sometimes the HEA that we get is having gone through the storm and having the strength to put ourselves back keep trying.

Be brave read this, it's less than 100 pages (on my Kobo), it's heartbreaking and amazing. It'll leave you saying 'thank god it's not me' only don't let yourself be fooled because sadly it could be you, it could be any of us and that's why you need to read this story.


Nothings really changed for me on this one except maybe that I would say...

"Be brave, listen to this audio book, it's only 5 hrs and 12 minutes long and Derrick McClain has done a very commendable job of capturing the sea of emotion that it contains and once again I found myself experiencing David and Phillips pain and anguish as I relived it through David's memories and ultimately through his bittersweet reunion with Phillip as I was reminded once again that life can't always give us the ending that we want...just the one that is possible.


I'm usually more prepared when experiencing a story the second time around and it's more often than not harder to get as much of an emotional response from me but it happens occasionally and in the case of 'Olive Juice' there was just no holding it back. This story was as beautiful and heartbreaking and emotionally poignant the second time around on audio as it was the first time when I read the story with tears in my eyes and my heart breaking. 


An audio book of 'Olive Juice' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.