I need a H.E.R.O. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night...

Five Minutes Longer - Victoria  Sue, Nick J. Russo

I'm not really sure what I can add to the already wonderful reviews that are out there but I'm going to try...so here goes nothing...


First thing I'm going to do is link you all to the song that's been bouncing around in my brain since this book...Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler (It's the orginal 80s video...because hey, who doesn't enjoy all that 80s big hair goodness, lol! Enjoy)


If you went into a bookstore looking for a copy of 'Five Minutes Longer'  by Victoria Sue, you'd probably find it in the fantasy section along with the other Urban Fantasy books and while it technically fits in that genre, like Charlie Cochet's 'THIRDS' or Cari Z's 'Panopolis' there's a slightly different edge to these books that for me sets them apart from other books in this genre. So when one of my Buddy Read Besties said "You need to read this." and I then saw that it was on audio...who was I to argue...me and my money went to the audible store and a few seconds later it was mission accomplished. I had me a copy.


Talon Valdez is an enhanced human and for him there's no love lost to regular humans. Since his transformation he's been reviled, mistrusted and just generally hated by the public and all because he developed powers that he never asked for and yet somehow in spite of all this he's still chosen law enforcement as his career. He's the leader for an elite and new FBI team that's going to partner enhanced with normals to protect society from the criminal element...both enhanced and normal. But if Talon and his enhanced teammates have their way there won't be any normals on their team. 


Finn's wanted to join the FBI every since an agent visited his school to promote the FBI as a career choice. While Finn's dream of attending Quantico doesn't happen he suddenly finds himself being recruited for a new and secret FBI team of enhanced and normals. But if Finn thinks this is going to be either easy or a dream come true, he's about to get a very rude awakening. 


Talon and Finn are oil and water from the word go. Talon doesn't want Finn there and Finn very quickly starts to wonder if he wants to be there. But going home to his idiot of a mother and waste of a brother isn't an option.


I was totally rooting for Finn in this one. He deserved this chance for a better life so much more than anyone even he realized and I loved that no matter how much things sucked he never really let go of his positive attitude and just generally being a good and kind person. Ironically Talon shared a lot of those qualities. Repeatedly stepping in to help Finn when he felt like the odds were stacked against him. He kept saying he didn't want to succeed but at the same time it was frequently Talon who kept Finn from unfairly getting disqualified from his training.


'Five Minutes Longer' is an awesome new entry into the world of Urban Fantasy and along with Talon and Finn, MCs that I can totally get behind each of them are awesome in their own right and together well they're pretty adorable and hot as well, we get some other potentially interesting characters in the form of Talon's enhanced teammates. I'm looking forward to what comes next in this series for this team.


Before I forget I listened to the audio edition of this story which was narrated by one of my absolute favorite narrators...Nick J. Russo and as always he did a fantastic job on this one and I loved it...a lot...so much so that even though I have the e-book for the next one in this series and hopefully I'll get the chance to read it, I have zero doubt that if there's an audio book for 'Who We Truly Are', book #2 and it's narrated by Mr. Russo...I'm so there.


I admit I'm not sure where I'll find the time to fit this into my reading schedule but for a series this good I'll find it...I mean really, sleeps highly overrated after all. Ok, that's if or me. I'm outta' here, seriously I've got books to read all the books, so if  you want to find out more about this book just follow the link here... Book Page: 'Five Minutes Longer' by Victoria Sue and you can read all the awesome reviews...Oh and before I forget, make sure you check out my friend Simone's review because me reading this...all her fault, I like to make sure blame is properly assigned for these things...thanks for the awesome rec Simone, I loved it (also, she's got some vary, vary pretty pictures in her review...just sayin').