Sinner's Gin + Tristan James = WIN and...

Sinner's Gin - Tristan James, Rhys Ford

Karen's in another happy, happy place.


I loved this series the first time around and I'm totally enjoying revisiting it on audio and I admit I was a little surprised to see that I only gave this book 3 stars the first time around. I'm thinking I had my grumpy pants on that day so I'm bumping my rating up to 4 stars this time around because this story totally deserves more than 3 stars and Tristan James...also easily 4 star worthy in my world. 


So, it's Sunday and I'm feeling lazy and in need of more 'Sinner's Gin' here's the link to my original review of this one...Original Review: Sinner's Gin and ignore the stars there seems to be one bad.