Now for the important stuff...

Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford

Damien + Sionn - HOT!!! HOT, smexy, adorable, mouthwatering...did I mention HOT!!! I adore these two men, I loved watching their relationship develop. I' only a fan of love at first sight or insta-love if it's done right and for me this was done right. The Attraction between these two men was instantaneous but they didn't act on it and suddenly fall into bed without any preamble. We got to watch as they spend time together, talked, shared coffee, went out, got shot know shared those little day to day things that help to build a relationship.


As if Damien & Sionn weren't enough we got some Kane & Miki time not to mention Kane & Sionn's family. I love this bigger than life Irish clan. They are the family that we all should have. Donel is the best father ever and the fact that Brigit has all the men in her life wrapped around her little finger and terrified at the same time is both awe inspiring and laugh out loud funny.


Then on top of all these wonderful characters we had a story with a very interesting plot and one scary, screwed in the head assassin stalking Damien and trying to kill pretty much anyone he got his hands on.


The first book had me wanting more, this book has me needing more. Did I mention that I think I'm totally smitten with Connor already and we really on ly got a teaser about him. Oh, Ms Ford, you are a devious woman but thankfully I have your other books to help fill the gapuntil more 'Sinner's Gin' arrives...Cole McGinnis here I come.