Here I am...still in that happy place...

The Devil's Brew - Rhys Ford

So this was my original review...

This was a wonderful, but short Valentine's story in the world of Sinner's Gin. It was sweet, sexy and filled with romance. A very enjoyable interlude with these men. I look forward to reading more from this author soon.

I know it's short and sweet...well then it matched the story didn't it? 


I'm not changing that except to say that this was every bit as enjoyable on audio and I'm still over the moon in love with all of these amazing characters. So read the books or listen to the audio it matters not the experience is awesome and the stories are so worth it.


Ok, I'm done now...because next it's Connor's story and "sighs happily" he is the alphaest of the alpha for me. Have a happy Sunday and wherever you are and  whatever you're reading, enjoy!