I'm feeling a little out of sorts right now...

Romanus - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay

I have to admit I'm a little taken aback by how I'm feeling about this story. I was sure this would be a win. I love Mary Calmes and Greg Tremblay narrating one of here books is a sure thing and trust me it's not the gargoyles because hell, when my son was little I sat and happily watched that cartoon with him and truthfully when it comes to paranormal it's probably the least explored concept but it's one of my favs. I'd rather have gargoyles than vampires and some shifters any day. 


I've enjoyed all of this author's paranormal series...her Warders, L'Ange and her 'Change of Heart' series so much so that I have them all on both e-book and audio. I guess it was inevitable that I'd eventually come across something that didn't work well for me and this was it. I loved the premise and Greg Tremblay's narration of the audio book...eeerrrr...story, it's just under 2 hours, so really I can't in good conscience call it a book and honestly even if this had been longer and more filled out I'm not sure it would have worked any better for me but considering all the hours of reading and listening pleasure that this author has given me...well, this one's just a blip on the radar and as far as I'm concerned Mary Calmes stories are still a guaranteed happy place for me.