So that thing I did...well, there's more...

Cask Strength - Layla Reyne

'Cask Strength' is the second book in 'Agents Irish and Whiskey' and definitely every bit as good as the first one. 


Aidan and Jamie take a step back to the life that Jamie came from as Jamie goes undercover in the sport of basketball. What starts out as an investigation into illegal betting and identity theft soon turns out to be more with possible ties into another case that Jamie and Aidan have been investigating...something that ties into the death of Aidan's husband nearly a year ago.


Once again Tristan James's narration only helped to enhance my enjoyment of this story giving even more dimension and depth to the story and the characters. 


As the mystery surrounding the death of Aidan's husband and his former partner grows so do the feelings that Aidan and Jamie share for each other. Agents Irish and Whiskey is a fast paced and intense story and the danger, mystery, intrigue and passion in these stories are all off the charts. 


Highly recommended!