Well that's another thing done...

Barrel Proof - Layla Reyne

'Barrel Proof' is the final installment for 'Agents Irish and Whiskey' and like the first two books in this series 'Barrel Proof' is 100% smooth.


We get answers to the events of the past and Aidan and Jamie continue to work through their obstacles making the bond between them stronger. I loved the ending for these two. Yes, they got their HEA and it was tempered with a nice touch of realism. 


And for this final story I was once again treated to Tristan James bringing the voices of Aidan, Jamie and the rest of the characters in this story to life. 


I guess my only real problem here is that I'm at the end of the journey with these books...for the first time around, but I have zero doubt that this will become one of my go to listens I just want to hear an awesome story read to me by an awesome narrator...nope, I'm not done with Agents Irish and Whiskey by any means we're just taking a short break while I listen to a few more books and then I'm gettin' back together with these two hot as hell men for another listen.