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Michael, Reinvented - Diana Copland, Michael Pauley
I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to re-reading it's not something I'm prone to doing but let me read a book and then listen to it on audio and I'ma happy, happy girl. 

Normally for me to want to re-read a book it's got to be something that's totally beyond even 5 stars and while there have been a few...it's truly something that's far and few between. However, what I have discovered since I've started listening to audio books is that if I've read a book I love being able to enjoy the story over again through the audio version and truthfully I've listened to more than a few of them more than once. It's become a pretty routine thing for me if I'm going to be quilting or doing some other craft to get myself set up and then pick an audio book to listen to. It's like having the best of all possible worlds since I love to do crafts but I also really love my books and 'Michael Reinvented' is going to be another one of those books that I can happily see myself enjoying over and over again as I indulge my creative side with one of my needlework projects.

I loved reading this story and finding seeing how Michael and Gil move from friendly antagonist to friends and lovers. Michael Pauley is once again the narrator for this installment in the 'Delta Restorations' series and I really enjoyed listening to his narration...to the point that when it got to that part in the story that had my in tears when I read it once again I had to pause and reach for a tissue because there the tears were there and I was every bit as moved as I had been the first time around. Of course I also found myself laughing out loud when Michael met Gil's cat.

My thoughts on this story really haven't changed from when I originally reviewed the book back in April of this year...so if you'd like to check out my original review, here's the link...
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I've listened to a fairly wide range of books on audio over the past year or so and one of the things that I've come to enjoy are stories such as this...sweet, romances, with a bit of mystery, no real angst and just some really enjoyable banter between the characters. For me these stories are fun, relaxing and just so easy to let my mind sink into and I'm really looking forward to seeing who's story comes next and what's in store for all of the men of Delta Restorations.


An audio book of 'Michael Reinvented' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.