It's the holidays so of course there's...

Yours For The Holiday - D.J.  Jamison

angst and drama galore!!!


Remy's fresh off a break-up with his boyfriend and getting passed over for a promotion at his job. Feeling more than a little hurt and insecure he's hoping to spend a quiet holiday with his family nursing his broken heart and wounded pride.


Derek is Remy's brother and he's bringing a girl home for the first time ever to meet his family which includes his best friend and Remy's first crush...Jason...straight, sexy fireman Jason. The man that Remy loves to hate and who seems to share his feelings.


Now add in the fact that Jason's family is the poster family for 'dysfunctional' that's right he's got a sister who died when he was four years old. His parents are still mourning's a workaholic and mom's an alcoholic. 


Oh and let's not forget about Remy's ex because trust me his roll in all this is not done.


Drama folks...there is so much drama and yet for me it I said to my other half when I finished reading the story...It's like spending the holiday with my family.


Ironically in spite of or maybe because of all the drama I enjoyed this one. There was a lot of good and interesting stuff going on here and it works. Remy and Derek's parents are awesome. They're loving and supportive of their kids and for them that includes Jason. But they're also realistic and believable as parents. I really liked Remy and Jason with all their flaws and insecurities. I loved that while both of them seemed to feel like they were walking in thin ice they still kept trying. The conversations between these two whether in person or done via text messages were humorous, sexy and just generally entertaining.


I didn't mind all the angst and drama in this one...honestly it's the holidays and having grown up in a large family I can honestly say a spike in family drama during the holidays is not an impossibility by any means but I had a bit of an issue with Derek. Sorry but as a BF...Derek was a fail in my books. He grew up with Jason and he was way to willing to believe the the worst about someone who was suppose to be his, just no. You don't believe that kind of stuff without even giving your best friend a chance and especially based on what Derek knew. For me as a friend Derek was a fail, but sadly I think Derek also had baggage of his own to deal with.


While I don't want a lot of drama and angst in my reading...occasionally it works and for the most part this was one of those occasions.I liked Remy and Jason and watching them as they went basically from enemies, or frenimies at the very least, to lovers was a fun and festive journey worth taking to see these two men reach their destination.



An ARC of 'Yours For The Holiday' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.