Keeping this one short and sweet...

Crossroads - Riley Hart, Sean Crisden

This may possibly be one of my shortest reviews ever but I'm tight on time and low on patience when it comes to this one.


Real simple this one so did not work for me. The MCs made me crazy and honestly both of their mothers...WOW!!! Just wow. Sorry but I was raised by someone from that generation...a woman's place is in the home, barefoot and pregnant, waitin' on her man hand and foot...yadda, yadda, yadda and I can honestly say even she didn't hit the levels that these women were at and if you knew my momma, you'd know that's really going some. So nope, done and over this one.


And to end things on a positive note Sean Crisden was the narrator for this one and that is the part of all this that I enjoyed I loved listening to him narrate this story so much so that I've since listened to the second book and I'm on the third one and things are going considerably better with both of these stories.


So that's it, I'm done here now. Peace out!