Maybe a little shorter...but a whole lot sweeter...

Shifting Gears - Riley Hart, Sean Crisden

Ok, this is going to be another case of short and sweet. I admit this happened because...Sean Crisden, I enjoy listening to his audio narration but I finished this one because I enjoyed the story a whole hella' lot more than 'Crossroads'.


We met Rod in 'Crossroads'. He had a very small amount of time on page but he left a definite impact and I liked him. So for me this was encouraging and I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did because quite honestly Rod and Landon were delightful and I enjoyed their story...a lot.


So maybe 'Crossroads' wasn't the book for biggie, not every thing is for every person but it led me to 'Shifting Gear' and I really enjoyed this one...guess I took the right turn at the 'Crossroads', right?