It's what happens 'Behind the Curtain' that truly matters...

Behind the Curtain - Amy Lane

'Behind the Curtain' is a story that's low on sex but high on character and story. While this may not be at the top of my Amy Lane book list there was still a lot about it that I really enjoyed. I loved Dawson and his best friend Benji and I loved readily they took the people that needed them into their lives. Dawson is such a sweet, naive soul but he's also not even slightly timid about putting his heart out there and when push came to shove and Jared needed him without hesitation Dawson put on his big boy pants and stepped up.


Jared was the heart breaker here. He put up such a brave front but Dawson saw through him and he made sure that Jared knew how he felt and when things got tough he did not back down he gave Jared what he needed most...someone who cared and wasn't afraid to let him know it and who had his back no matter what. 


While the author isn't new to me on this one but the narrator was. Hugh Bradly did a fabulous job with this story and I really enjoyed his narration as well as his unique and expressive character voices. 


I loved seeing Dawson step-up and be the boyfriend that Jared needed and that Jared recognized that while dancing had kept him going for so many years it was Dawson's love that would truly give his life meaning.


'Behind the Curtain' is a story about finding love, keeping it and knowing that it's what happens after the final bow, when the curtain comes down that truly matters.