It's the last of the short & sweet...

Test Drive - Riley Hart, Sean Crisden

'Test Drive' is the last audiobook currently available in the 'Crossroads' series and once again this one was narrated by Sean Crisden who once again did a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life, giving them depth, emotion and their own unique voices.


We met both Drew and Justin briefly in 'Shifting Gears' and in 'Test Drive' we are given the full story as well as a glimpse at 'Bryce & Nick' as well as 'Landon & Rod' and more than a few secondary characters from the the first two books as well.


Of the three stories 'Test Drive' definitely had a sadder undertone due to a secondary plotline that carried through the first two books and finally wrapped up in 'Test Drive'. While it was a secondary thread it was also extremely critical to Drew and Justin story and now they were initially brought together. So sad but necessary.


Admittedly, this series got off to a bit of a disappointing start for me but while the first book wasn't a success for me...'Shifting Gears' and 'Test Drive' have more than made the listening experience worthwhile.