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Down and Dirty - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford

'Down and Dirty' is the 5th book in the Cole McGinnis series and while it's in some ways maybe not the best it's totally still one of my favs because it's about Bobby and Ichi and I adore these two seriously hard core adore them. So while there's a bit of repetition because events here overlap with events from 'Dirty Deeds' the perspective here is mostly Bobby's and a bit of Ichi's giving things a bit of a different twist and I admit it when it comes to Bobby and Ichi, I'm an easy sell.


As always Greg Tremblay's narration was fabulous and he brought the story to life for me, cementing Bobby and Ichi's place in my heart.  Well that's it for me. I'm off to curl up with the last book in this series and watch some Christmas movies while I wait to see what Santa has brought me.