It's been nearly 7 years...

Blue Fire - Z.A. Maxfield, Shannon Gunn

since I first read this story and I enjoyed the audio book every bit as much as I originally enjoyed reading it. 


When Jared lost his home to fire, he thought he'd lost everything but what he'd forgotten was that when one door closes another one opens and this was comes in the form of a handsome fireman with the most amazing blue eyes and a determination to rescue Jared not just from the fire but from the overwhelming sense of loss that it's left him with, but when another fire ignites between Jared and Adam...Jared runs and he doesn't stop...until fire once again brings tragedy to Jared's door making him realize that running was only taking him away from what he'd been searching for.


I think I'd truly forgotten how much I loved this short, sweet story about second chances. Jared and Adam are hot and while Jared may have run from Adam what he couldn't deny was the passion they shared. There's a bit of an age difference here but while it was part of the story it didn't overwhelm the story and I have to honestly admit this is one of the few times that I can say that while I know there's an age difference I'm not sure exactly how much it is...I think it's somewhere in the 10 to maybe 15 year range but pretty sure it's closer to 10.


Once again Shannon Gunn was the narrator for this audio book and I really enjoyed his performance on this one. I got 3 hours of an emotion filled story with a narration that added depth to the story and the characters. Truthfully I can see me doing a replay on this one. I like Adam and Jared and I like the depth and strength that this narrator's voice has given to their story.