Definitely not my favorite by this author but it was ok...

Eyes Only for Me - Andrew  Grey, Tristan James

This one turned out to be a mixed bag of I like this but this isn't working so well for me. First off I liked that it was older MCs. Ronnie and Clay are both 40 years old. So not only older but no May/December romance going on and I'm not opposed to those by any means but I'm not a fan of a a steady diet of anything when it comes to my books. I like variety and diversity and  ironically same age older MCs is a change of pace for me. 


Ronnie's straight, he's got OCD and lets just say he gets around. He's gregarious sort of guy who's outgoing and people just seem to be drawn to him and I have to admit I'm not sure why because honestly Ronnie just quite often struck me as being a bit of an...well, I'm going to say jerk, but at other times he showed an incredibly kind, thoughtful and caring demeanor that I would have liked to have seen more of. Interestingly enough I can also see why Ronnie wasn't so willing to show this side of his personality. At times things seemed to hint at the fact that Ronnie's had more than one person try to use him in his life fortunately for Ronnie he may had OCD but that doesn't mean he has S-T-U-P-I-D, so the users end up getting kicked to the curb. Unfortunately for me, Ronnie vacillated between douchey jerk and thoughtful, sweet friend to much for me to really get a sense of him as a person and just about the time I started thinking that he was a nice guy and I liked him, he'd switch and I'd be thinking 'Wow, what a jerk!' so Ronnie was ok but I just couldn't really warm up to him. 


The other MC was Clay and thankfully in terms of personality he was a bit more stable. I liked Clay and for most of the book I honestly felt like he was a better friend to Ronnie than Ronnie was to him...except, when Clay's father suddenly became ill, Ronnie was right there he stepped in and was totally there for Clay. In short he was an awesome friend. 


I really enjoyed the relationship between Clay and his father. So often in stories we seen parent/child relations portrayed as really amazing or totally horrid and this one wasn't either of those things. Clay loved his dad and they'd had their problems but there was a definite willingness between them to work things out...especially on Clay's side and wonder of wonders the problems between Clay and his dad weren't about the fact that Clay was gay...I KID YOU NOT!!! Not every problem between a parent and their child is about the child's sexuality and while I love that books address this issue sometimes it's nice to read a story where the relationship dynamics have gotten changed up a bit.


Speaking of relationships...let's talk about Ronnie and Clay's because for me it came down to being a big miscommunication clusterf*ck!!! Seriously I just wanted to sit them both down and tell them to hear what's being said and not what they 'think' is being said because that was a big, big part of their problem and honestly it was more on Clay's side than Ronnie. Clay kept assuming that he knew what Ronnie wanted or needed but he wasn't always hearing what Ronnie was telling him so...disagreements were inevitable. 


While there were things that I liked and enjoyed about this story there just wasn't enough to totally pull me into it but the biggest saving grace for me was the narrator, Tristan James. This is one of my favorite narrators and I thoroughly enjoy listening to him no matter what book he's reading. But just like all the other audio books I've listened to him narrate, listening this one was no hardship either.