Well that was fun...

What the Cat Dragged In  - Ba Tortuga, Joe Formichella

I was fortunate enough to be able to review the first book in this series on audio a few months ago and I really enjoyed it so when I saw the second book was out on audio...well, of course I had to snap that furbaby up and am I ever glad that I did because once again I enjoyed the hell outta' this. 


Gus and Sam are back along with the rest of their pack along with Joe Formichella, who's giving voice to the usual characters along with Connor Ragbone, whom we've already met and Brock Herman, a wolf shifter, who's working undercover to break up a ring of poachers.


Connor's not only a Lynx shifter, he has a talent for not only being able to find things...it seems that Connor's knows when, where and what it is that he needs to find...not really specifics but he often has a strong sense of the generalities enough to get him to where he needs to be.


There's a definite humorous undertone to this book. Just like Gus and Sam, Brock and Connor share their own equally entertaining banter that I thoroughly enjoyed. The voices Joe Formichella lent to these characters all worked well for me but I especially enjoyed his interpretation of Connor Ragbone. For me this voice matched the image of the character that the author had painted so needless to say I adored Connor Ragbone and Brock but Connor became a particular favorite of mine.


Connor and Brock meet for the first time when Connor leaves Gus and Sam's sanctuary where he's been taking a break because he just knows he has something he has to go find. Following his instincts he discovers that along with finding Brock he's got one other thing...person to find and then he's got to get them both to where they belong. Turns out that he's got Brock where he belongs because Brock belongs with Connor and as for the second person well that's the rest of Connor and Brock's adventure and this story.


So what have I learned at the end of all this well a few things...

1.  I want more of this series

2.  If you add a good dose of humor you can make me love just about                                anything...because sifters and I've been left wanting more...who knew?

3.  I apparently have a soft spot for Lynx shifters who are laid, back, easy going, hippies with blond dreadlocks in their human form...again, who knew?


I decided to listen to this one just for the fun of it and it was a good idea because listening to Connor and Brock as they fell in love and shared an adventure was definitely fun.