Did you ever feel like you've walked into the middle of a conversation...

Seth and Casey - RJ Scott

Well that's how I felt with this book. I liked the part of the story that I got but I would have really loved this if I'd gotten Seth and Casey's story before and a bit more story for after.

The story starts with Seth and Casey's relationship basically hanging by a thread. Seth and Casey have been together...forever or that's the plan at least. They've been friends since childhood and fell in love during their college years. It's five years later and Seth, who's a firefighter is recovering from a serious work related injury but it's taking a toll on his marriage. When Casey, who's a teacher gets trapped during a blizzard it turns out that Seth is the only one available to save them as both of the towns fire engines are out on calls. Seth still loves Casey, this fact has never been in question in his heart so of course he's going to go rescue the man he loves and 10 children. 

We're given a bit of what happens after the storm is over, but again I would have liked a bit more. So once again it's a case of 'it's not that I didn't like the story because I did. I liked it enough that I wanted it to be longer'.


A copy of 'Seth and Casey' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.