it's finally going to happen!!! They're getting married!!!

Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4) - Cari Z., L.A. Witt

Darren and Andreas have been through a lot in this series and here in book 4 we finally get to see them get their HEA!!! But it's not going to come without it's challenges.


This fourth book is definitely done with a more tongue-in-cheek, humorous tone and I really enjoyed it because as we all know there's not a whole lot more that's more stressful than a wedding...bit or small it's fraught with social Faux Pas and general potential disaster. Trust me I know I've done the wedding thing twice one was the big fancy tuxedo, white gown event and the second one was the small intimate friends and family seriously it was small less than 75 people and I come from a big family so we thought that was pretty damned good. 


Anyways, back to Darren and Andreas's wedding. What should have been a small intimate wedding quickly becomes a bit of a 3 ring circus and  as things steam roller out of control Darren and Andreas have to ask themselves who this wedding is for? Them or their families?


I really enjoyed this one. Having done the wedding thing there was so much that I was able to relate to and found myself laughing out loud more than once. As Darren and Andreas try to maneuver their families and figure out how to get the wedding that they had envisioned without offending their friends and family, they soon come to realize that you just can't please everyone and they finally take matters into their own hands determined to have the wedding day that will see them 'happily' married.


I'm guessing that this is the end of the line for this series and while I would have enjoyed a little bit more of the 'wedded bliss' I still really enjoyed the story and the fact that there wasn't any over the top mysteries to be solved it was just all about the wedding day. 


Last of all a thank you to my sweet cyber child Josy, who gifted a pre-order of this book to me for Christmas  because she knew how much I was loving this series and wanted to be sure I could enjoy the ending.