Anytime's a good time for a feel good story...

New York Christmas -  Sean Crisden, RJ Scott

Chris and Daniel first met in college where Chris was Daniel's tutor. With a parting shot of 'I'll see you in a few years' Daniel went on his way and so did Chris. But years later Daniel's got his life together he's working as one of NYs finest and in all the years since college he's never forgotten Chris. 


Chris thought he had his life together and he did until he didn't. A scandal at the private school sees him without his boyfriend, no job and no prospects so he's staying with a friend and working in her coffee shop as he tries to get  his life together. 


When Daniel re-enters Chris's life, Chris is more than a little skeptical about why this man who seems so out of his league would want to be in his life. It's going to take Daniel a bit of work to make Chris see himself in the same light that Daniel does.


I've been wanting to read this story for quite a while now and when I say it on as part of their Romance Package well...I was all grabby, grabby, gimme, gimme and here I am saying that I loved it.


New York Christmas is a sweet, warm, second chance, finding love, feel good, leave you smiling story and I loved it.


Sean Crisden was the awesome narrator for this one and once again RJ Scott has left me smiling and given me a story that I can see becoming one of my holiday'll be right there on the shelf with 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'A Muppet's Christmas Carol' and 'Die Hard'...hey, don't judge's an awesome blow sh*t up movie and everyone knows it takes place at Christmas time. But back to this story...while it took me a while to get around to this story...this may have been my first time enjoying 'New York Christmas', I know it won't be my last.