See those two stars...

I Heart Boston Terriers - Rick R. Reed

They're for Mavis...yeah, Mavis was the only redemptive part of this story for me, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one but as briefly as possible...I didn't like anyone...except Mavis and really sweet little dog what's not to love?


As far as Aaron and Christian go...I got nothin' folks I just didn't care one way or the other with these two. I didn't feel the connection and truthfully just didn't care of one was made. Now as for Aaron's sister...ironically I had feelz where she was concerned and none of them were good...first of b*tch, if you're going to own $1200 Jimmy Choo's than treat them like they're worth something and put store them properly otherwise you deserve to have a dog chew on them or even have your cat use them for a potty and if you can't do that than don't  badger your brother into buying a dog he neither needs nor really wanted but you badgered him into it and then he fell in love with sweet little Mavis so...suck it up buttercup and next time be careful what you wish for...see me...see me rage at Becca the biotch.


Ok, last but not least we have the narration...again, it just didn't work. Tom Askin is a new to me narrator and unfortunately I found the narration at times to be stilted as if the narrator was concentrating to much on pronouncing every word clearly and concisely at the sacrifice of the narrator's voice sounding smooth and he was comfortable reading the story.


So at the end of it all...I liked Mavis and hopefully she got a good matters not.



An audio book of 'I Heart Boston Terriers' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.