Ok, tell me you didn't see this one coming...

Late in the Day  - Mary Calmes, Greg Boudreaux

I'm betting if you follow my reviews to any degree and saw this audio book your mind said..."yep, Karen's going to review this because it's Mary Calmes and it's narrated by Greg Tremblay which means it's inevitable with her." 


So here I am having listened to the audio book and loving this story every bit as much as when I read it back when it was first released as an e-book. The one thing I realized about this story is that possibly more than a lot of other Mary Calmes stories it needs to be read more than once, at least I needed to experience this story more than once. 'The Vault' is so aptly named because it's about the man who is now known as 'The Vault' but also because this story is like a vault in that once you open it and start looking inside you there is a wealth of answers to questions that connect so many things from so many different stories.


My review for the e-book version of this was...maybe...a tad on the longer side so rather than try and reinvent the wheel I'm just going to add what I feel is the most pertinent part of that review here...

This story worked for me from start to finish. Ms Calmes has given us the answers to so many questions and I loved having those blanks filled in and more. Although a lot of this story focused on Conrad's past with Efrem not all of it did and all those little gaps that are filled in were just a whole lot of happy moments for me and while I loved all the glimpses of Conrad's connections to characters we've met in previous stories it was equally as enjoyable getting to see some new characters and potential new stories. 

'Late in the Day' is a bit unique in that it's a story that is essentially set in the past, with the changes that have happened recently in Conrad's life it's become time for him to reclaim his past to create a life for himself that's real and permanent but in order to have the future that Conrad truly wants it's time for him to deal with his past...a past that he believed lost to him forever. A past that involved the one man that Conrad loved with all his heart...Efrem Lahm.

The focus in this book was more about filling in Conrad's background and giving us a more complete person to go forward with and while the romance took a bit of a back burner to this, I definitely wasn't disappointed with the glimpse we were given of Conrad and Efrem both in the past and the present and I absolutely loved the fact that these are two mature men...over 40 folks...45!!! Yeah, for life after 25!!! 

Now the only thing that I really need to add here is 'Greg Tremblay' seriously people in the world of audio books this is one narrator that you don't want to miss. This man not only reads the books but he brings them to life. I know I've sung his praises on more than one occasion and I'm sure I'll do so again in the future I'm just not sure how I'll do it without sounding repetitive but I'll definitely give it my best efforts. 


So in brief summary...Mary Calmes + Greg Tremblay = one very, very happy place!!! As always 'highly recommended'.



An audio book of 'Late In The Day' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.