Naked Tails

Naked Tails - Eden Winters Ok I admit it I started reading this book for 2 reasons 1. the author was Eden Winters and in general writer of some of my favorite stories & 2. Possums? Really? I just couldn't see it,I mean I understand how shifter stories about wolves, big cats, eagles, hawks, bears and even horses can work there's something powerful and riveting about all of these animals and it can be translated into very appealing human atributes when done properly. But really possums? Sorry they are just not cute critters I've seen them up close and personal and if you get one mad it's like looking at a very large, very angry rat, they are just nasty and scary looking. So I had to see how it was possible to make a story like that appealing. Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised Naked Tails was cute, charming and totally captured my attention even when in their possum form the characters in this story were endearing and I found myself cheering for the possums and hoping that maybe Ms Winters will take us back to the possum kingdom for future adventures.