Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Only 3 stars, what was wrong with this book? Oh forget that who cares. More importantly what was right with this book. Let's start with Kane & Miki, Kane is a big old Irish boy, who belongs to a big old Irish family of mostly cops. I adore his mother, she's one of those larger than life women who is going to smother her family with love whether they want it or not. Kane's father is the type of dad you know you can go to no matter what. He like his wife love their children unconditionally. Why is all this important because of Miki, Miki is so fragile and so damaged he puts Humpty Dumpty to shame, but what he doesn't realize is that Kane & his family are just what he needs to help him heal. I love a good thriller/murder mystery and Sinner's Gin definitely was that, while the plot could have maybe been a little stronger in some places, overall it was good. Having said that I don't necessarily feel that this part of the story was the main plot. To me the main plot was the love story between Kane & Miki. These two men were for me very good together, not just the sex part either, although I have to admit that was pretty intense at times, for me it was the connection between them.So even though I only gave it 3 stars, it was a solid 3 stars and I am totally on board for the next installment of the Sinner's Gin Series and if everything in this first book hadn't been enough to ensure that the teaser at the end has me hooked for please dear author we need more Sinner's Gin...more Miki...more Kane...more Morgan family...just more, thank you.