Breaking News

Breaking News - Michael          Murphy Breaking News was a sweet story about a career driven man who suddenly realizes he has the career he wants and no one to share it with except his dog, Riley...or so he thinks, until he meets Marco the guy, who has been walking Riley for years and yet they've never met before? And Cole's sure that Marco's straight, besides between the long hours he puts in doing research & reporting the news on Capital Hill, all the blind dates he keeps getting sent on, travelling as part of the president's press corps there's not even time for a trip to the dreaded grocery store much less a relationship...or is there?I would like to have see more relationship development between Marco & Cole as I felt there was very strong potential for a really awesome couple with them and would have enjoyed having the author give us more of the story in that direction. Overall an enjoyable story about a couple that I hope are pouncing around in Mr. Murphy's head demanding another story, I'm sure Riley would love to get out and play some more on the beach with his boys...maybe?